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Pirot Media was founded in 2016 to help content owners navigate the constantly evolving media landscape. With new services and devices launching regularly, it can be difficult for a content owner to know where and how to reach viewers. At Pirot Media we utilize our deep and broad industry relationships to cut through the noise and uncover the right opportunities for each of our clients. We guide our clients through all stages of content distribution...from programming strategy to deal negotiations and, ultimately, revenue optimization.

At Pirot Media, our team utilizes these strong relationships within the industry to forge partnerships between video content owners and distributors, resulting in measurable revenue growth. These relationships remain at the forefront of our partnership development.

"I have worked with Jen for 10 years and trust her to represent our company in any deal negotiation. She has intimate knowledge of the media market and players, and she understands how the changing landscape should be reflected in the terms of an agreement."
Emily Powers, Former Head of BritBox North America

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