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Image by Aedrian
Image by Aedrian

At Pirot Media, our primary focus is on Business Development, Strategy and Partner Management. Our vast experience in the industry allows us to tap into the relationships we've formed in order to forge the partnerships that best serve you.


Business development to success and growing video distribution

Pirot Media has its finger on the pulse of the video landscape in the US and abroad. Through our exceptionally strong network, we identify the most relevant distribution opportunities for each client. We carefully evaluate each opportunity to gauge revenue potential and audience fit before recommending which partnerships to pursue. Pirot Media serves as the sales arm for our clients and pitches their content to these partners.  Our business development process culminates in expertly negotiating the best terms possible for our clients. With years of business development experience, our team knows the various levers to push in each deal and will relentlessly negotiate on your behalf. 

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As a thought leader in the industry, Pirot Media can develop and/or shape a company’s content strategy at all stages, from development to monetization.  Our strategy work generally falls into one of these categories:


  • Programming: What content to license, when and where to program it, and how to schedule various services and/or channels

  • Operations: What is the most efficient way to get your content in front of viewers?  We will streamline workflows, institute processes and recommend vendors on both the delivery and monetization fronts.

  • Marketing: Develop long or short-term plans to build brand awareness and drive viewership, including UX development and what specific tactics to employ for which platforms.


Strategy for Video Distribution
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Pirot Media focuses on Partner Management

With so many potential distribution points, ongoing management can become time consuming. Pirot Media can serve as your first point of contact, even after deal execution. From onboarding to performance, we often remain the primary liaison for the duration of the partnership. We are in constant communication with cable and streaming platforms to stay abreast of new features and functionalities and upcoming promotions. Likewise, we will serve as a B2B marketing lead, ensuring these partners are aware of your content priorities and stunts. Again, we will leverage our strong industry relationships to secure favorable editorial placements and marketing support.

"Jennifer is a valued and trusted strategic new media business development consultant. Her knowledge of the OEM category and negotiation expertise enabled us to bring the multi-level project to completion and achieve impactful distribution and revenue results."
Janice Arouh, President, Network Distribution
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